Product Authenticity

We also care about the materials and security points for our product box. We choose best materials for packaging. Please check authenticity points for our products before ordering our product.


Security QR Label, Hologram Label and Product Label

Security QR Label: There is a Red Security QR label, which is labeled at side of the box.

Hologram Label: There are silver and red gilding printed security holograms at 2 covers of the box.

Product Label: Transparent label printed exp date and lot number on each ampoule.

Product Box

Box Type, Silver Gilding Logo and Embossment Texts

Box Type: We use the box which has 10 ampoule capacity and 2 seperators are inserted in it.

Silver Gilding Logo: There is a Silver Gilding GP logo at front side of the box.

Embossment Texts: At front side: Product name and substence details, at back side: product name and our logo, at covers: Product names are printed like embossment.


Box Type, Silver Gilding Logo and Embossment Texts

Ampoule Dimensions: Dimensions of the ampoule: R=1,18mm and H=60mm

Ampoule Capacity: We use 2 ml capacity ampoules and ampoule color is transparent.

Solution in Ampoule : We provide 1ml solution in every ampoule but all ampoules are minimum 0,1ml overfilled.